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Your news feed without algorithms
·814 words·4 mins
Some years ago I was completely locked up in facebook. Now the newsfeeds of social media no longer control me. I manage my own news sources using the free open technology called RSS. You can too, it is surprisingly easy!


Queer Haus digital event at HÖR
·248 words·2 mins
Queer Haus is an alternative social media space created by and for artists, sex workers, queers and hacktisvists who want to challenge the dependency on the big-tech monopolies, to create a safer digital social space under the light of queer feminist anti-racist hacker values.
Mass surveillance and data collection
·440 words·3 mins
We live in the age of data collection. Everywhere we go we leave a trail of small pieces of knowledge. Each piece on its own doesn’t do much, but collecting and assembling these pieces into a personality profile is a huge business.


Your TV is watching you
·414 words·2 mins
When you buy an Alexa speaker or a device with built in Google Assistant, you probably expect it to listen and record, at least when you talk to it. But there is something else in your home that is monitoring you all the time and sending that data to third parties.


Local development using test domains
·433 words·3 mins
Most web developers work with their projects locally set up on their laptop to easily test things without having to push changes to a server. I prefer to use docker-compose and the “.
Future digital surveillance state
·428 words·3 mins
Take a look at this condensed keynote presentation from Facebooks developer conference. They know they are failing our trust and are trying do better. Sounds almost believable right? Clicking play above allows Google to track your visit to this website.